What Is The VIP Project?

This project has been funded by SPORTS ENGLAND

The VIP project’s purpose is to encourage blind and partially sighted people to access sport, physical activity and mental wellbeing. The goal is to get them fit in body & fit in mind.


The weekly VIP club will be hosted at Daisy Inclusive UK every Tuesday, and will expand across the City. We will also be putting on VI events throughout the year, such as dinners in the dark, have a go days and keep well and active workshops.


It is known that people that are blind and partially sighted spend more time indoors which can lead to loneliness and lack of physical activities. This affects mental health and can cause obesity and type 2 diabetes. Our vision is to bring as many blind and partially sighted people from isolation to inclusion, using sports and other activity as a medium to do so. We will also ensure that fun and friendship are the ethos of this project to combat loneliness and bring people together.


Guided walking and running, football, goalball, cricket, yoga, dance, movement, art and more!

This project is for people aged 16+ but parents can contact us for advice and guidance for all ages to find out what support is available from positive role models and experienced staff.