Training and workshops

Daisy Inclusive UK are passionate and proactive in making our society more inclusive and diverse. We run a number of different training sessions and workshops that can be tailored to your needs and requirements.

Accessible Environments

Helping your business to understand the needs and requirements of disabled people through our accessible environments training.

Disability Awareness Training Through Sport

Theory and practical sessions using sport as a medium of education, the session aims to demonstrate how the barriers of discrimination can be broken down using reverse inclusion, a unique and novel approach where activities are designed with disability in mind and then non‑disabled included.

Disability Confident Business

Gives organisations the confidence to help and support people with disabilities. We will: Assess staff, buildings, policies and procedures for accessible environments.  Train how to help people with different disabilities.  We will also offer ongoing support to ensure the assessments and training continues to work for you.

Disability Hate Crime Training

This course will give you the information and knowledge required for you to address the problem that is disability hate crime.

Education to Employment

Daisy’s education to employment courses are designed to give young disabled people the skills and knowledge required to smooth their transition from education into employment.

Visual and Disability Awareness Training

This course will give you the information and knowledge required to unlock the untapped potential of disabled employees in the workplace, creating a more inclusive, diverse and productive workforce.

Common Sense Approach to Unconscious Bias

This training will give you a common sense approach to unconscious bias through an easy to understand outlook of how we think towards other peoples differences. Making your place of work/organisation a more inclusive and diverse place to work.

Be happy in your own skin, be happy with who you are.

Combatting Mental Health

Understanding the mental health issues caused through Covid-19 fatigue. Exploring sleep, anxiety, depression, covid-19 fatigue and other mental health issues.


Feedback from previous training sessions.