Testimonials From Training/Workshop


Feedback from staff and Volunteers at The Walton Centre after a Disability and Visual Impairment Training:

  • Hi Dave, I hope your keeping well! I would like to sincerely thank you for your training session at The Walton Centre on Monday. Both staff and volunteers had a fun and informed morning and said your delivery was fantastic… Thank you so much! Warm regards, Emily.
  • I thought that the session presented by Daisy was excellent. Dave is a first class presenter; he cannot use prompt cards or auto cue so I was impressed by the fact that there were no gaps or silences, a very clear presentation. I really appreciated Dave sharing his background and history around the genetic reason for his blindness, his initial reactions, his acceptance and his journey to “Daisy”. It was really good to learn the types of sticks used by those who are visually impaired and to hear the experiences of other volunteers. Also it is good to know the correct way of offering support to anyone who is visually impaired. Certainly I’d welcome any further training he provided. Kind regards, Mary.

Below are some example of testimonials from Dave Kelly's Disability Training via zoom to Ursulinen Mechelen School in Belgium:


Letter from Head Teacher of Sacred Heart following a Disability UK and Hate Crime UK Talk –  Face to Face  Disability Hate Crime Training at Sacred Heart School.

I really enjoyed the zoom lesson with Dave it was very inspirational and interesting to hear how his life changed and how he dealt with it,  I learnt a lot about the different signs of noticing someone who is visually impaired and I thought over all it was 10/10 – Disability Awareness for St Vincent’s via Zoom

The session we had with Dave Kelly was amazing! I was a real eye opener and so informative. An amazing experience, I even spoke about him at my interview for what I thought was the part I enjoyed most at the training and it was definitely the session we had with him! Tell him I said a Big thank you for the amazing session! – Online zoom session

I have just finished my online training with yourself.
The first thing I would like to say is:- WOW, WOW, WOW.
This was very interesting and very knowledgeable. Dave is a true inspirational character, I feel so much more knowledgeable after this session.
Hearing about Dave and the work that DAISY UK does to help and assist people with visual impairments is
tremendous, I feel more positive (and empowered) about the job that I do and all the little tips (and quips) that I can now take into my workplace and hopefully make a real difference to young people and to help them to access the school curriculum in a more positive learning environment.
I feel that I can (to some degree) help and assist other members of staff who do not understand the needs of young people with visual impairment to understand a little bit more (in some way).
I would like to thank you for your time today and for the help in understanding some of the issues that comes with being visually impairment.
I will be recommending DAISY UK to everyone and anyone who would like to find out more about visual impairments.
I still think that Dave should take up a second career as a stand-up comedian!!!!😂😂Disability Awareness Training via Zoom


I would just like to say a big thank you to Dave for coming into our school and delivering a fantastic assembly. The children loved it! A few of the teachers came to me after assembly to ask when can Dave come in again as the children had lots of questions that they want to ask. The assembly was very informative, humorous and delivered at the perfect level for our children. – Assembly at Kensington Primary School

Hi, I would like to pass on my thanks to Dave and his colleagues for attending Chester university on Monday 4th March. The presentation was very interesting, INSPIRING and also entertaining. Dave gave me a real insight into the life of someone who is blind and I hope I can put what I learnt in to practice now and in the future. I would like to suggest if Dave ever gave up his job, I’m sure he could find one at the Edinburgh comedy festival. It was a pleasure to be part of the student cohort who was in attendance. Once again thanks for a great afternoon, it was a joy to be there! – Presentation at Chester University

I want to say that the sessions were really useful for our students and the feedback they gave was that you were an inspiring and engaging person. I can’t thank you enough for the time and effort you went into with our students, with some even saying that you would like to offer them work experience. Your organisation is the type that we would like to continue to work with in the future. – Motivation Talk at The Academy of St Nicholas

Just wanted to send a message to express how grateful myself and Ravenscroft are for the fantastic job you and your team did today! As I have said previously, I have volunteered with a few charities in the past and Daisy is one outstanding charity. The day went above and beyond my expectations. What feedback I have had from parents, children and staff so far has been brilliant. I cannot thank you enough, as Jeanette said at the end we are looking to do more fundraising for Daisy in the near future as today was fantastic. – Ravenscroft Community Primary School