Pushing Up Daisies

Let Our Inspiration be your Legacy

Although many of us may find it difficult to plan ahead, a legacy left to Daisy Inclusive UK can be your footprint in the sand.

It is wonderful to think that after we are gone, our legacy lives on, helping and supporting young people affected with a disability, be it physical, sensory or learning.

Daisy Inclusive UK aims to include, empower and inspire disabled people and their families through the transition from point of contact to achieving their true and full potential.

A gift in your will can be the most powerful and effective way to support a young person affected with a disability. Leaving a legacy to Daisy Inclusive UK can help these young people to attain their goals in life. However large or small your gift will help us to provide our full range of support services and help put a smile back onto their faces now and in the future. Gifts donated in this way are not subject to tax.

The current inheritance tax threshold is £325,000 – anything over that is liable to tax at 40%. A gift to Daisy Inclusive UK could be a way of avoiding a big tax bill for your family. If you would like more information on the process of leaving a legacy please feel free to give us a call on (0151) 261 0309.

Daisy’s motto is “make them laugh and they listen, make them listen and they learn” and with your legacy let your spirit live on through the laughter of children.