Christmas Celebrations!

We want to reassure you that Daisy is the can-do charity that makes it happen, meaning that we will definitely be celebrating Christmas and doing anything we can to help the most vulnerable in our community this year and all the years after!

Hang in there everyone, Daisy is here FOR YOU!

VIP (Visually Impaired People) Christmas Party:

Tuesday 15th December

10am – 3pm

SMILE Christmas Party:

Wednesday 16th December

10am – 3pm

Mini SMILE Christmas Party:

Wednesday 16th December

5pm – 7pm

(These celebrations will be carried out in the support bubbles of 15 in accordance to Government Guidelines)

Daisy Inclusive UK Tackling Holiday Hunger

Daisy Inclusive UK combatting hunger in our community.

 Food parcels available for those who need help.

There is no charge for the food parcels as Daisy believes in free support for those in need.


Whether you are single or a family, young or old, Daisy is here to give you the help you require.

For more information please contact Daisy Inclusive UK on 0151 261 0309 or email

VIP Launch Event

Our VIP Launch Event date has been changed to Wednesday 3rd March 2021
We have decided this due to the new lockdown restrictions that have been put in place by the government. We would like to wait until we can have as many people as possible to celebrate with us!

Emotional, Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Introducing our new Emotional, Physical and Mental Wellbeing page where there will be regular guidance videos posted, helping you to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Important Travel Information
The Merseylink Bus Service

The Merseylink bus service is Merseytravel’s dial-a-ride service for people with mobility problems or difficulties, who cannot use ordinary public transport some or all of the time.

Click the link below to find out if you are eligible for membership, how to apply, terms and conditions, how to use your scooter on board a Merseylink service and Merseylink’s contact details.


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