Disability Hate Crime

What is Disability Hate Crime?

“Any criminal offence which is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice based on a person’s disability or perceived disability.”

Daisy Inclusive UK were one of the first charities on Merseyside to become a third party reporting centre for disabled people who are the victims of anti-social behaviour and disability hate crime. We were the first charity in the country to have our very own Disability Hate Crime Officer supporting victims from point of contact to support through the judicial system.

Working in partnership with and taking referrals from partner organisations including Merseyside Police, The Anthony Walker foundation, Stop Hate UK, and via self-referrals directly into the service, the service we provide has steadily grown and has become a vital provision supporting victims of disability hate crime across Merseyside. Daisy also offers as a safe place for victims and their families to come and feel part of a community.

Daisy Inclusive UK is host Disability Hate Crime workshops that will give you the information and knowledge required for you to address the problem that is disability hate crime.

The workshop’s cover:

  1. What is disability?
  2. Understanding what can lead to hate crime.
  3. How to recognise incidents of disability hate crime.
  4. Methods of intervention and support.
  5. Communication development.
  6. Reporting incidents of
    hate crime to services.

Daisy also runs our Windows of Opportunity project being proactive with early intervention to combat existing disability hate crime incidents and antisocial behaviour. It is essential that we address present and future generations of people in our community who may well be or become an offender.

We deliver workshops to local schools and colleges and youth and community activity clubs that tackles nurtured antisocial minority group bias at source. We deliver an easy to understand and novel approach to these workshops using a positive and empathic outlook to combat these issues.

Report A Disability Hate Crime


Watch and listen to how a disability hate crime can affect a victim, then see how Daisy Inclusive UK can support victims from point of contact to resolution. Working closely with the Police Crime Commissioner, Merseyside Police, Stop Hate UK and other services. Remember we can help you REPORT and SUPPORT you with disability hate crime.

How Can I Report a Disability Hate Crime?

There are lots of ways you can report hate crime:

  • In an emergency, call 999. Contact the police, either by telephone or by visiting your local police station.
  • Contact Barbara or Alan from Daisy Inclusive UK – 2 Barnes Street, Everton, L6 5LB.
    Tel: 0151 261 0309

Daisy Inclusive UK or Citizens Advice Bureau who can report the incident on your behalf and provide you with advice and support.

If you do not want to talk to the police, you can still report a hate crime by calling ‘Crimestoppers’ on 0800 555 111.


For more information on how to report a disability hate crime, please visit https://www.stophateuk.org/how-to-report-online-hate/

Police Crime Commissioner’s Office – Home: Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner (merseysidepcc.info)

Victim Care Hub – 0808 175 3080


Funded by Merseyside Office of the Police Crime Commission.