Daisy Inclusive UK run a number of different activities and clubs throughout the week. From sports and physical activity to arts and crafts your sure to find something you love at our centre.


The SMILE initiative which stands for Self-Motivation, Inclusive Learning and Enrichment will be the catalyst to make a real difference in helping the disabled and vulnerable people we support live a more fulfilled and independent life. .

Mini Smile

The Mini SMILE initiative helps to support disabled and vulnerable young people aged 8 to 15 from deprived and disadvantaged communities within Liverpool bringing them from isolation into an inclusive, educational and fun environment.

Inclusive Sports Club

Our Inclusive Sports sessions are ran by qualified and experienced staff.  By using reverse inclusion, where sports and activities are designed with disabled people in mind and then non‑disabled included, this provides an opportunity for disabled young people to take part with family and friends in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.

Daisy Choir

Our Daisy Choir are often seen singing around Liverpool putting smiles on peoples faces. We run our Daisy Choir group every Monday and Tuesday at the Daisy Nucleus Academy.


Our monthly quizzical runs on the first Tuesday of every month. Ran by our volunteers it’s a fun social evening open to all.

Roots and Shoots

We have our own Daisy Allotment ran by volunteers were we grow our own fruit and vegetables that can be used in our inclusive kitchen, this helps to cut down on plastic waste and encourages our beneficiaries to be more conscious about where their food comes from..

Low Dynamic Physical Activities

Our Low Dynamic Physical Activity sessions run every Wednesday from 10.30 am to 12 pm. The sessions are participant led and suitable for all.

Daisy Chains

Our Daisy Chains Cycle club runs twice a week and helps to introduce cycling and maintenance skills to our beneficiaries.


Every Thursday at 1:00pm until 3:00pm at the Daisy Nucleus Academy. The afternoon consists of tea, coffee, refreshments, chat, games and most importantly BINGO!