About Daisy Inclusive UK

We are Daisy Inclusive UK, The Can Do Charity That Does. Daisy Inclusive UK is a disability led charity that supports those who are vulnerable, young people with disabilities and their families through strands in the Daisy Chain which includes sports, music, education, employment, disability hate crime, social readiness and support. By using the Daisy Chain we aim to give the vulnerable and disabled people we support a personalised pathway to help them reach their true potential and become active members of their community.

Our Charity Awards Night!

DAISY CHARITY AWARDS NIGHT! Friday 2nd December 2022. Book your tickets by Wednesday 30th Dec – As we need to know numbers for our food order! £10 per person, this includes a hot meal & a drink (alcoholic/soft)
Our lovely beneficiaries will be providing the entertainment with The Talent Express! Followed by the Awards Ceremony & Karaoke!
We hope you, your friends and your family can join us to celebrate 2022

DAVE KELLY – A Blind Man with a Vision, Book Launch.

Thank you to everyone who came to support Dave Kelly and Daisy Inclusive UK at Mamasan Liverpool last night for the latest Ubiquity PR wellbeing connector event.
Essentially, Dave predictably stole the show at his book launch and rightly so.
Funny, on point, inspirational, educational and always with a smile on his face.
Some mindset too for a guy who turned blind almost overnight from a genetic condition. From that moment he decided that blindness wouldn’t define him and i feel honoured to have been given a platform to share his story, life and outlook.
When Dave walked into Mamasan, he was overwhelmed with the buzz he could hear.
Following a rousing round of applause after his initial chat with guests and as education, Andrea Edwards bravely volunteered to be a buddy in guiding Dave to his chair in front of the packed audience. Andrea was great!
Individuals, companies and organisations in support last night included (from a selection) the High Sheriff of Merseyside, Novotel Paddington, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), Adore Group, Gregory Abrams Davidson, Metrobank, Expect Ltd, NHS, Broadstone, Glenville Walker, Port City Innovation Hub, 8 Wise Ways, Liverpool Chinese Wellbeing, Move Online, Wellness In The City, Ways to Wow, BIPC Liverpool, Little Wing Yoga, Paul’s Place, Diskette and Treehouse.
📸 Sugar (Free) Ray Farley
-Joel Jelen.
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The Importance of Daisy Inclusive UK to Our Beneficiaries and Families:


I come to Daisy to see my friends, Daisy helps with my confidence it also helps with my mental health. I hated lockdown, it really affected me but in Daisy I can be with my friends and my self-esteem is better at Daisy.


We need Daisy because it feels like a big family here and we would be devastated without it. Daisy helps improve my sons mental health.

B.S & D.S

I am loving it!


We come here for the music and for our mental health, otherwise our mental health would be very low. Here, you are not on your own, friends are around you always at Daisy.

K.P & N.P

I come to Daisy to see my friends, Daisy helps with my confidence it also helps with my mental health. I hated lockdown, it really affected me but in Daisy I can be with my friends and my self-esteem is better at Daisy.


Over the moon that Daisy is back open, I would die if it was not open.


I used to go to another charity but I got bored. Daisy is fun and that is what it is all about. I feel safe at Daisy, definitely. It is a lovely place, the staff are lovely and I can make friends.


Made up that Daisy is back open. I felt worried during lockdown but now I am happy, I just love Daisy being open.


I am glad and happy that Daisy is open, I can wind all my friends up! Lockdown was terrible.


I’ll be honest with you, when Daisy closed, I thought my life was over, I felt I was the only one on lockdown. Since Daisy has been open, I’m happy to be back my friends. I’m happy that Daisy is open again, my mental wellbeing is much better now.


People help you with anything and I like to help others too. I would feel sad without Daisy.


I love Daisy. I love meeting new people and seeing my friends here, people in Daisy are all my friends. I was sad and annoyed I couldn’t go to Daisy in lockdown. Daisy makes me very happy and I want it to stay open.


I feel brilliant that Daisy is open, I hope it stays open for as long as it can be. Especially the staff, love all the staff here.


I come to Daisy because it gets me out of the house and helps me with my mental wellbeing as I am with my friends. Lockdown was horrible.


I come to Daisy to meet and make friends and to be more confident in myself. It brings the best out of people. Its important to get out, exercise, make friends and reach your full potential. Daisy helps you to go beyond what you can do. It is what you can do not what you can’t do. Lockdown affected me really badly, I missed all my friends and the feeling of not being able to go out was awful.


I come to Daisy to see my friends and I love the music sessions here, it helps with my mental wellbeing. Daisy helped me leave another place as I felt unhappy there, Daisy has helped me. The zoom meetings help and there are different things to do here. Individual meetings are good too and the music sessions keeps me sane! Thanks to the staff here.


I’m happy that Daisy is open. I felt terrible during lockdown, makes me happy seeing my friends and the socially-distanced hugs!





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