Who We Are

We are Daisy Inclusive UK, the Can do Charity that Does.

We help disabled and vulnerable people and their families to reach their true potential. Our Isolation to Inclusion (I 2 I contact) strategy offers a long-term, person-centred approach through links in the Daisy chain, a pathway of individual links; each link offering relevant and bespoke help and support through the journey from isolation to inclusion.

What We Do

We help disabled and vulnerable people and their families to reach their true potential by:

  • Point of Contact / Personal Development Plans
  • Education
  • Disability Hate Crime – Report and Support
  • Training – Disability Awareness Workshops
  • Inclusive Sport and Physical Activities
  • Social Readiness
  • Pre-Employability
  • Advice and Guidance

Why we do it (The Need)

There are many barriers for the inclusion of disabled and vulnerable people into society; society itself can be a major barrier due to a lack of understanding, opportunities and awareness which will stop disabled people from reaching their true potential.

Many disabled people are isolated, often bullied, lacking in self-confidence and wellbeing.

Based in Everton, 43rd most deprived neighbourhood in England (Office for National Statistics), low income and high disability levels result in loneliness / lack of opportunity.

Why us?

Daisy UK CIC was founded in 2004, becoming a Registered Charity, Daisy Inclusive UK in 2011 so has a long-standing, successful track record in supporting disabled and vulnerable people and their families.

Our values are, “Care, compassion and empathy wrapped in a blanket of integrity.”

We are a disability-led charity. 70% of staff have disabilities from the CEO to the shop floor, providing empathy and understanding into the needs of disabled people.

Our staff provide expertise throughout the charity including in Inclusive Sport, disability hate crime, independent living, teaching, coaching and supporting disabled and vulnerable people, delivering our I 2 I Contact.

We provide a safe, fun, accessible environment where people can learn, laugh and thrive.

We are proactive rather than reactive and think outside the box, able to reflect, react and adapt. We are able to tune into the frequency of the individual, ensuring support is person-centred.  “If they don’t learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn.”

We were the first Merseyside charity to achieve Disability Confident Leader status with DWP, demonstrating our commitment and expertise as a Disability Confident Employer.


We have won many awards including:

  • The Worldwide Beyond Sport Diversity and Inclusion Award
  • Three time winners of The High Sheriff of Merseyside Award in recognition of great and valuable services to the community
  • Most Empowering Disability Support Charity – Merseyside – Women in Business Healthcare Awards 2017
  • Disabled Entrepreneur of the Year Winner – Stellios
  • The Morgan Foundation Entrepreneur Awards 2012



Unique Selling Points

  • Bringing disabled and non-disabled people together using Reverse Inclusion, where activities are designed with disability in mind and then non-disabled included through accessible environments, adaptations for disability and highly trained staff, from reception to teachers and CEO.