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Dear Daisy UK,

I am a Police Constable from Merseyside Police. On 30th July 2014 I attended a Disability Awareness Course at Daisy UK in Liverpool.

The course was fantastic and truly an inspiration to me and I am sure to all who attended. The course was extremely well run and presented professionally and delivered in a manner appropriate for the course material. Both Dave and Ian worked together to deliver a day filled with serious topics but mixed with the right approach to discuss the topics at hand including Hate Crime and bullying. Both serious topics but with the right humour added to allow for an understanding into experiences Dave gave. This allowed me to gain a huge insight into what the charity does for its users but also what the charity inspires its users to do in a non-tangible manner such as victim support and just having knowledge a support group exists.

I was particularly impressed by the use of sport to engage disabled users and to allow 'reverse inclusion'. This demonstrated to me (as a Police officer) that there are support groups in place which can assist those with impairment but importantly, not just when someone becomes a victim of crime.
The course provided me with a short insight into the world of those with impairment and the problems they face, especially for young people. I was given the pleasure to listen to stories from people with impairment and hear first-hand how society treats them and what Daisy UK does for them, which is too much to list. This was an emotionally charged time on the course and one which allowed me to empathise with some of the stories due to having a younger brother with autism. I was unaware of Daisy UK and its services and will be pointing my brother in the direction of Daisy UK to make himself aware of what you’re all about.
Again, I’d like to thank you for the opportunity for attending the course and allow me insight into the world of those with impairment. It was a privilege to meet with Dave Kelly and I wish him and the charity all the best for the future.
Kind Regards
Police Constable

Course Date: 30/07/2014
Organisation: Merseyside Police

“Our boys were blown away by you! I have never seen anyone have such command over them, but it was all due to your wit and personality, honestly they were eating out of the palm of your hand!” Matt Darkin Hope School

"Working with you has been such a lovely experience for me and i'm sure for the others too. You certainly made our job 100x easier, it was a pleasure to work with such a brilliant charity, made up of such inspirational staff and volunteers. And i definitely gained so much from the experience, I did things I've never done before, lead my team and hopefully we did the best we could for you because what you do really does deserve to be recognised."

"Daisy UK and in particular the staff that came into to present on the day are a real credit to both society and in particular the sporting sector. The work they do eradicates everyday issues of inclusion within the school environment and provides diverse and inventive ways to include pupils that may have a disability through a variety of active games. It was a real eye opener for me particularly when Dave opened up about his experiences and how he became blind, the way he acts and uses humour to allow himself to overcome the fact he was falling blind shows the character of the man and listening to him speak and to meet him was a real privilege."

"I found the morning spent with the team from daisyuk to be invaluable. Dave Kelly is one of the most inspirational individuals involved in sport that I have met to date. The information provided throughout the day has significantly improved my knowledge about visually impaired individuals not just in sport, but in all areas. I found the 'light-hearted' manner in which the content was delivered sent home a very powerful and serious message that will be remembered. Activities were described and demonstrated excellently and practical involvement allowed for deeper learning and understanding. I feel I have a whole range of new tools and ideas that I will be able to adapt and use in my career and everyday life. Dave Kelly showed great knowledge, honesty, confidence, bravery and sense of humour and is a significant reason for the success of the day. The most important things I will take from the day are; if you take dis-from disability you have ability, and to be confident when working with learners with disability, it rubs off on everyone around you."

"I found the Daisy UK disability awareness training day to be very engaging and improved my knowledge on making PE lessons inclusive for all pupils. The delivery of the training from Dave was inspirational and he open my mind to difficulties and coping strategies of living with blindness. Thanks for a wonderful day!"

"Fantastic day, with inspirational speaker. I suggest that all trainee teachers should enrol on the course to inform and improve future practise"

"I found this event very inspirational. Not only was it very informative, but the manner in which is delivered was touching and really gave me the self-belief needed in order to adapt my teaching to cater for those with certain disabilities. Dave's sense of humour kept my attention throughout and I know that this was the case for a number of people, as we were all commenting on it after the event. Thanks again."

"DAISY UK was very informative. I found Dave very inspiring and honest about his own condition and how it has affected his life. This really gave me an interesting insight into life with a disability which I have not had the opportunity to experience before. This helped me gain a better understanding of how to support disability through sport, and also its importance. I enjoyed that fact that the session was very practical and the training given into supporting visual impairment were very simple and easy to implement. I was also very pleased to get exposure to different disability sports."

"The presentation by DAISY UK was extremely inspirational. I learnt a lot about disability and the many possible ways in which to include blind and partially sighted people as well as people with other disabilities in sport and physical activity. It made me think about how activities can be adapted and modified to be fully inclusive. I now feel much more confident if I were to have a blind or partially sighted child in a school I was teaching in, as I learnt about how to guide blind or partially sighted people, different equipment that can be used and different activities that can be played and how to organise them and lead them. Dave who led the presentation was a very positive and inspirational man and made everyone feel at ease to ask questions and he brought a great sense of humour to the day. I found it very beneficial and I will definitely use what I learnt in the future."